Designed in Berlin, woven in Bulgaria. Founded in 2012, the woolen goods by Perelic meld traditional techniques and local production with colours and patterns that suit contemporary tastes, in a style that will stay true for generations.


The region around Sliven, Bulgaria, where Perelic Woolen Goods are produced, was once renowned for its textiles. In recent years, though, production has shrunk, with many factories scaling down operations or shutting down altogether, leaving a breadth of artisanal and traditional knowledge at risk. Building on this heritage, Perelic works with local spinners and dyers, ensuring the quality and colourfastness of each woolen thread. Perelic blankets are woven in a third-generation family-run facility with just six employees, meaning the blankets are made with the utmost attention to detail: woven on manually operated mechanical looms which allow for a thicker weave than more modern machines, the patterns and colours are managed by skilled weavers, who change the shuttle every ten lines before hand-finishing the edges and fringes. Each blanket is then washed in natural spring water to enhance its softness.


Wool’s natural textures, durability, and temperature control make it an ideal textile for comfortable and memorable moments. Enhanced by patterns and colours that reflect your home, Perelic Woolen Goods’ aim is to create pieces that align comfort and style, enveloping you and yours in cosiness for years to come.