Perelic founder Denitsa Popova is featured in Bulgarian newspaper Capital

21 October, 2016


Denitsa speaks with Capital about her inspiration to create Perelic blankets. She recalls one of her earliest memories of a blanket woven by her grandmother for her mother as a baby. She explains, “ I wanted to deal with weaving carpets, perhaps because my grandmother is Kotel, where unfortunately craft fading. After a while I figured it was pretty labor intensive and will leave it for later. Then naturally the idea of making blankets was another way for me to work with wool.” See the entire article here.



Denitsa in the Berlin studio






Perelic blankets at Qitoya showroom in Berlin

8 November, 2015


The beautiful Qitoya showroom in Berlin will now feature Perelic blankets. We are excited to work with Qityoa because they offer fine handmade furniture and committed to environmental sustainability and fair trade practices. Visit the Qitoya site here.



Qitoya showroom in Berlin




New colours reflect the boldness of nature

10 October, 2014


The new Stand Double-Sided blankets are available in bold blue, rich brown, and fresh green evoking the sea, the earth, and the forest. The yarn is first hand-dyed and then the finished blankets are rinsed in natural spring water to soften the wool and fasten the beautiful colours.



Stand Double-Sided in blue


Sheep grazing near the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria




Artist Dena Yago collaborates with Perelic

29 May, 2014


Dena Yago, a friend of the Perelic team, made a beautiful solo exhibition at New York Gallery Eli Ping Frances Perkins using Perelic wool rugs to make sculptures and installations.



Distaff by Dena Yago

The rugs were hand woven on traditional looms at our family-run mill in Sliven, Bulgaria using methods originating from the Rhodope Mountains. After the rugs are woven, they are washed in machines powered by river water to make them softer and stronger. In New York, Dena worked with natural-dyer Cara Piazza to color the rugs using annatto seeds, ground madder roots, iron fillings, oak gall tannin extract, onionskins, rust, and weld.


Distaff by Dena Yago

See more images of Dena’s exhibition here.